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Online Sabong, deeply embedded in Filipino culture, has undergone a transformative shift into the digital landscape. Enthusiasts, from breeders to bettors, now engage in the thrilling world of online Sabong, characterized by its rich history, seamless transition to online platforms like SabongPH, and the perpetual excitement of predicting outcomes. This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with a profound understanding of the strategies needed to emerge victorious in the dynamic realm of online Sabong.

What is online sabong?

What is online sabong

Cockfighting, an age-old sport where two roosters engage in combat within a pit, has garnered widespread popularity in various global regions. However, it faces prohibition in certain countries. This tradition is deeply rooted in Philippine culture.

Online sabong, or e-sabong, represents the contemporary evolution of cockfighting, providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to witness and partake in matches through digital platforms. Thanks to technological advancements, the online cockfighting industry has amassed a substantial following for its convenient and accessible approach to engaging in these contests.

These advanced cockfighting platforms employ live streaming technology to present real-time matches, enabling viewers to watch and place bets using computers or mobile devices.

Gameplay of Online Sabong

Gameplay of Online Sabong

Online Sabong offers a simple and engaging gameplay experience. Let’s delve into the mechanics of this traditional yet thrilling activity.

Gameplay Process

  1. Gamecock Placement: The owner places two gamecocks in the arena.
  2. Initiating the Fight: The objective is to prompt the two gamecocks to engage in combat.
  3. Game Outcome: The game concludes when one of the gamecocks sustains severe injuries or succumbs.

Understanding Gamecock Categories

In the realm of Sabong, familiarity with two distinct categories is crucial for effective participation.

1. Popular Gamecock – “Llamado”:

  • Represents a gamecock with higher popularity.
  • Implies an increased chance of winning, often attributed to factors like size or breed.

2. Less Favorable Gamecock – “Dejado”:

  • Signifies a gamecock with a lower probability of winning.
  • Similar to conventional sports betting, selecting ‘llamado’ offers a safer bet with better chances of winning, albeit with relatively lower prizes.
  • Opting for “dejado” introduces a higher-risk element but comes with the potential for greater rewards.

Note: Understanding the fundamental gameplay steps and the distinctions between “llamado” and “dejado” adds depth to your Online Sabong experience.

How to Win Online Sabong

How to Win Online Sabong

Choose the Winning Gamecock

In Online Sabong, a crucial tactic is picking the gamecock with a winning history. Look at their past matches represented by colored circles – red (meron) for wins and blue (wala) for losses. Pay attention to the dominating color to understand the trend. This requires a careful examination of previous game outcomes.

Go for the Respected Gamecock

As explained earlier, the respected gamecock is called llamado, while the less favored one is dejado. Increase your chances of winning by betting on the ‘llamado,’ the favored contender.

Evaluate Cock’s Condition

Before the match starts, bettors can assess the prime gamecock by observing its movements, jumps, and stamina. Ensure that the chosen gamecock doesn’t give up the game early due to injuries.

Check the Gamecock’s Appearance

Thoroughly examine the physical appearance of the gamecock, looking for signs of injury and evaluating the brightness of its feathers. A healthy gamecock with shiny feathers indicates good care. On the contrary, a battered appearance and unkempt feathers may hinder victory.

Utilize Online Sabong LIVE Announcer Information

Similar to traditional cockfighting, Online Sabong LIVE features an exclusive announcer providing insights into matches. They share statistics on participating gamecocks, including win-loss-draw records, current weight, and status updates. Adjust your betting strategy based on the valuable information provided by the announcer.

Remember: Always pick a rooster with lots of wins. You can also choose teams or handlers that win often. Look at the trends part on cockfight platforms because it shows how many times each rooster won or lost. Also, check its traits and how it looks because these things can help you figure out which rooster will win.


Observe roosters during the ruweda phase, paying attention to flying, jumping, and beak usage. Consider our guide on Sabong breeds for additional insights.

Opt for meron bets when it’s the favorite. Check lower odds for wala on specific platforms, indicating favoritism towards the wala rooster.

Follow trends; place meron bets when winning meron bets are high. Choose wala bets when winning wala bets are on the rise.

Analyze announced statistics like wins, losses, draws, and current weight. Roosters with more wins and good health are favorable choices.

While backing favorites increases winning chances, consider a balanced approach. Alternate between safe bets on favorites and calculated risks on underdogs for overall profitability.

Yes, casual bettors can pick meron or wala without in-depth analysis for a fair 50:50 chance of winning. Occasional draw bets, with modest stakes, add excitement.


In conclusion, mastering the art of winning in online Sabong requires a strategic blend of tradition and innovation. The transition from traditional cockpits to virtual platforms like SabongPH has opened up new possibilities for enthusiasts. By delving into the cultural significance, navigating the online Sabong arena seamlessly, and employing winning strategies, bettors can elevate their experiences.

Strategizing based on breed characteristics, following trends, and leveraging rooster statistics are crucial components of a successful betting approach. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a casual bettor, adapting your strategy to the ever-changing landscape of online Sabong is key.

This comprehensive guide serves as your companion in the thrilling world of online Sabong, providing insights, strategies, and FAQs to enhance your understanding and increase your chances of success. Engage with the digital transformation of Sabong, backed by tradition and fueled by the excitement of predicting outcomes.

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