Exploring Pitmaster Live: The Inside Scoop

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Let’s talk about Pitmaster Live, the online sabong hotspot owned by Atong Ang. This site was a hit among Filipino sabong fans, especially those using GCash. Unfortunately, it hit a roadblock when former President Duterte decided to ban e-sabong operations nationwide. Atong Ang, being the stand-up guy he is, promptly shut down Pitmaster Live, even though it meant the end of the platform’s sabong-funded free dialysis programs.

The Sabong Experience

The Sabong Experience

Pitmaster Live was no ordinary sabong platform. It focused solely on cockfighting action through GCash, unlike other e-Sabong websites that dabble in various gambling and sports markets. If you were into online Sabong bets, Pitmaster Live was your go-to place. It offered daily cockfights and featured major Sabong events in the Philippines.

Sabong Markets Galore

Sabong Markets Galore

The site covered all the Sabong essentials – Wala, Meron, and Draw. Beyond betting, users could also peek into past match results and keep tabs on upcoming Sabong showdowns.


Choosing meron means betting on the favored rooster, often called llamado. Some betting places might offer high odds, even if it seems like a bet on the favorite, as they could place unexpected contenders on the meron side.


On the flip side, wala is a bet on the underdog or dejado rooster. Some bookies might give low odds for what seems like an underdog bet, potentially placing strong contenders on the wala side.

Draw (Both Dead)

A draw bet wins when both roosters perish or can no longer continue the fight.

Draw (Full-Time)

A draw bet wins when a match doesn’t conclude within a specified time, and both roosters are still able to battle.

Note: The payouts for meron and wala bets vary based on which rooster is favored (llamado) and which is the underdog (dejado). The draw bet usually pays out at 8.00, making it a profitable choice if a match surprisingly ends in a draw. The significant difference in payouts is because it’s more likely for one rooster to win and the other to lose than for both to go down.

Pitmaster Live: A Weighing of Pros and Cons

Pitmasters Live A Weighing of Pros and Cons


  • Accessible via GCash: Smooth transactions made easy.
  • Mobile-friendly: Convenience in your palm.
  • Secure website: Trustworthy transactions.


  • No longer in action: Pitmaster Live ceased operations.

Our Take and Rating

Our Take and Rating

Pitmaster Live, a well-known hub for Filipino gamblers, and a favorite among sabong fans, enjoyed considerable popularity before its closure. Its user-friendly accessibility via GCash provided a secure environment, alleviating concerns about scams or data theft. If Pitmaster Live were still active, we would confidently rate it 4 out of 5.

Navigating Pitmaster Live: How To’s

Navigating Pitmasters Live How To_s

Registration via Pitmaster Sabong Online GCash

Setting up your Pitmaster GCash account was a breeze:

  1. Head to the Pitmaster Live website through our link.
  2. Click on “register.”
  3. Whip up a username and password.
  4. Optionally, toss in your phone number for smoother activation.
  5. After setting up, scroll down and pick your preferred agent contact method – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, or Telegram.
  6. Chat with the agent, get the green light, and voila, you’re ready to bet!

Withdrawal Wisdom from Pitmaster GCash Limit

Handling deposits and withdrawals was a walk in the park:

  1. Log in and hit the withdrawal option.
  2. Choose your payment flavor – GCash, PayMaya, or GoTyme.
  3. Punch in the amount and follow the steps to cash out.

Pitmaster Account Cleanup in GCash

Deleting your Pitmaster account? No problem:

  1. Buzz an agent and express your account deletion desire.
  2. Chat with the agent, and they’ll sort you out.

Pitmaster Live GCash Glimpse

While Pitmaster Live didn’t stream live Sabong matches (due to legal hiccups in the Philippines), it happily accepted GCash payments. For the real-time cockfighting thrill, you had to hit an actual tournament.

Pitmaster GCash App Scoop

No app? No biggie. If you wanted to bet on Sabong while on the move, the mobile version had your back. It ran like a dream on your smartphone or tablet browser.

Pitmaster GCash Customer Service Saga

Got issues? Don’t fret. Reach out to a Pitmaster customer service agent through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram. Lucky for you, problems weren’t too common on this platform.


Yes, it made it to PAGCOR’s list of licensed sabong operators.

Atong Ang wears the owner’s hat and pulled the plug on its operations.

Nope, it threw in the towel even before President Duterte’s sabong ban kicked in.

No, it closed its doors on GCash users too.

Drop them a line on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram.


Pitmaster Live, formerly a favorite in the realm of Filipino online sabong, has exited, creating a vacuum. Initially accessible via GCash, its popularity soared until regulatory directives forced closure. For enthusiasts yearning for the Sabong excitement, fresh avenues await at Sabong PH.

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