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Sabong, a longstanding blood sport, has captured the attention of gamblers for centuries. This involves placing two roosters equipped with sharp blades on their legs into a pit, with spectators betting on the outcome. Breeders meticulously raise and train these roosters, ensuring they are in prime condition for fights, aiming for victory rather than immediate defeat for any reason. Sabong matches typically coincide with local festivities, but there are also cockpits that host matches independently, allowing for local and online sabong betting.

While considered illegal in many countries due to its violent nature, Filipino gamblers can legally attend licensed local cockpits or visit sites like Sabong PH to place bets on cockfights. Bettors gain access to multiple cockpits when placing bets through online sabong platforms like Sabong PH.

How Does Online Sabong Operate?

How Does Online Sabong Operate

Sabong enthusiasts can place it bets by registering on Sabong PH, followed by depositing funds. The matches unfold in three stages: ulatan, ruweda, and the sabong fight.


Known as the pre-fight or faceoff, ulatan pairs roosters based on characteristics such as height, weight, size, and wingspan. Ensuring fairness, roosters must share similar attributes for a balanced contest, preventing one gamecock from gaining an unfair advantage.

The owners of paired-up roosters also discuss the blades they’ll attach to the legs, varying in sizes and types. The equipment depends on agreements made by both gamecock owners.


During ruweda, gamecocks are showcased, allowing fans and bettors to observe their temperaments. The announcer declares fight terms, and the referee stands by to monitor the fight and announce the winner when the sabong match begins.

It is also during ruweda when the kristo starts taking wagers from the crowd. They usually keep track of terms and payouts in memory or use ledgers to note down bets and payouts. Online sabong bettors can use this time to assess the roosters and place their own live online sabong bets before the match starts.


Once all match terms are set, and bets are placed, the roosters are released into the ring. The birds then peck with their beaks or slash each other with their blades. The fight concludes when one bird dies or when the referee calls the fight over due to a clear winner. Appeals are not allowed, and the referee has the final say on which bird wins.

If the losing bird survives, there is a chance it may be killed later due to injuries sustained during the match. The winning bird may also suffer terminal injuries affecting its future ability to fight.

Leading Platforms for Online Sabong

Leading Platforms for Online Sabong

Those interested in sabong can begin their betting journey and enjoy Online Sabong matches by registering on Sabong PH. Additionally, players can explore other platforms like Sabong International, PH Sabong, Sabong Worldwide, and Sabong PH. Here’s a brief overview of each platform:

Sabong International

Sabong International, an online sabong (cockfighting) website based in the Philippines, witnessed substantial growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vloggers and streamers played a crucial role in introducing this platform to a wider audience. The platform has expanded its offerings, now featuring additional betting choices like Spider Fight, Coin Master Game, Color Fun Game, and Hi-Lo.

PH Sabong

PH Sabong Live provides a real-time opportunity to watch live cockfighting events. Users can witness rooster championships and various thrilling matches, immersing themselves in the world of cockfighting through their app. The PH Sabong Live app not only allows users to enjoy live events but also keeps them updated with the latest news and analyses in the realm of cockfighting through Laro Reviews.

Sabong Worldwide

Sabong Worldwide, a Philippines-based website, offers an engaging platform for cockfight enthusiasts globally. It provides an exciting experience with live matches, a user-friendly interface, and other attractive features, making it a go-to platform for cockfight betting.

Sabong PH

Sabong PH stands as an online sabong platform where bettors can easily register and place Online Sabong bets. Beyond sabong, the platform caters to a broader audience by offering various online casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, tongits, color game, monopoly, and more.

Pitmasters Live

In response to the official directive from then-President Duterte, Pitmasters, a once-thriving hub for Filipino sabong bettors, made the voluntary decision to halt its e-sabong operations.

Sabong PH Online Sabong App

SabongPH Online Sabong App

With online betting gaining popularity, especially in 2020, having a dedicated betting app has become a mark of legitimacy for online betting sites. Sabong International, through Sabong PH, offers an application that can be downloaded following their instructions. Utilizing a betting app provides assurance of the platform’s legitimacy and offers a more convenient way to access the e-sabong experience compared to manual navigation on the internet, reducing the risk of registering on a fake e-sabong platform.

Betting on Online Sabong vs. Local Cockpit Matches

Betting on Online Sabong vs. Local Cockpit Matches

Betting on online sabong matches is achievable by registering on either an e-sabong site or an online casino offering sabong matches. Through these platforms, gamblers can utilize a built-in wallet system to deposit real money, play, and withdraw winnings and bonus money. Additionally, gamblers gain access to various sabong matches, depending on the sabong providers available on the site.

Betting in local cockpits provides gamblers with a front-row seat to the action. Sabong bettors wait for the ruweda to observe the roosters and for the kristo to accept their bets. After the fight concludes, gamblers receive their winnings.

The difference between betting online and in local cockpits lies in the experience and the ease of placing bets. Betting live through an online sabong site like Sabong PH eliminates concerns about the amount to bet, as these sites allow for low minimum bets and high maximums. Moreover, gamblers can watch and bet on other matches if the site offers multiple sabong matches.

Legality of Live Online Sabong in the Philippines

Legality of Live Online Sabong in the Philippines

Live online sabong betting falls under the regulation of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). After the suspension of all e-sabong operations in the Philippines on May 3, 2022, President Marcos extended the suspension in late December 2022. As of January 30, 2023, the Philippine National Police recommended classifying e-sabong activities as illegal gambling under the country’s anti-illegal gambling law. This pertains specifically to online sabong and not authorized or licensed traditional sabong fights.

Online Sabong matches remain accessible in the Philippines through offshore platforms. The PNP, DICT, and NTC have been visible in pursuing e-sabong operators rather than bettors. Hence, sabong bettors can continue placing bets through offshore platforms, with the recommendation to use a VPN.


Online sabong, or e-sabong, replicates a sabong match online, allowing viewers to watch and place bets. Online sabong operators livestream an actual match held in a cockpit on their platform.

You can play online sabong through sabong sites like Sabong PH or their mobile apps, such as the Sabong PH App.

You can watch online sabong matches where you place bets. You can bet on live matches instead of placing pre-match bets through Sabong PH.

Online sabong is made possible by cockpit operators hiring professional camera operators to film and stream a live match held in their cockpits to a betting platform. This allows bettors from anywhere to watch a match and place a bet before the fight starts. Instead of waiting for a kristo to hand over the bet, gamblers can place a bet when prompted.

Sabong PH provides secure transactions, Yes, playing online sabong on PC is possible through platforms like Sabong PH.deposits and withdrawals, a variety of payment options, competitive odds, and generous bonuses.


Live online sabong, a captivating blood sport, offers an engaging betting experience through platforms like Sabong PH. Similar to local cockpit betting, it provides flexibility in bet amounts and the opportunity to choose from various matches. Sabong PH stands out as an excellent platform for bettors looking to engage in live online sabong and explore different betting options.